Implied Powers for Activity


Look at the table below. In it, you will find a list of powers currently exercised by the U.S. government. Even though these are powers currently administered by the executive branch through the bureaucracy, they were all created or approved by Congress. It is your task to categorize these powers under the appropriate expressed power from the list that you made in the previous step. Many of these may not be a natural fit, so discuss as a group and decide which is the most logical fit. Remember, members of Congress went through a similar process with some of these as they were trying to address contemporary needs with expressed powers that, arguably, were outdated as soon as they went into effect.

Once you have made your decisions, assign one of the following powers to each group member for further research. Individually, the members of your group will conduct research on their respective implied powers. There are more implied powers than group members, so choose based on your interest. This research will include the following:

1.) The history of each implied power. When was it enacted? What conditions justified a need for this legislative action? What legislators, citizen groups or political parties supported/called for this action? Include any and all historical information that helps your audience to understand the perceived necessity. You should also include what, if any, groups or individuals were opposed to this.
2.) Any and all legislation pertaining to the administration of these powers. Do a search within the Library of Congress using this link. Library of Congress

1.) The power to financially support public schools.
2.)The power to maintain the Federal Reserve Board.
3.) The power to prohibit discrimination in restaurants, hotels, and other public accomodations.
4.) The power to draft people into the armed services.
5.) The power to establish a minimum wage.
6.) The power to monitor air and water pollution.
7.) The power to limit the number of immigrants to the U.S.
8.) The power to regulate monopolies and other practices which limit competition.

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